Mars July - August 2019 Log

July 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019


Reflection of a piece of blue sky and white cloud in Shenzhen


I was part of Tencent’s client development team. Designed and implement UI/UX for web application, using Vue.js, NodeJS, Express.js.

Tencent 1

My Tencent ID Card

Tencent 2

Tencent Binhai Mansion

Tencent Mansion has wonderful facilities for workers.

Tencent 3

A Climbing wall inside Tecent Masion


Beginning on June 29 to August 17, I took two sketching class every week.

Sketch 1

In my Sketching class

Sketch 1

First two weeks: Basic Form

Sketch 2

A month: Live Form

Sketch 3

Two months: Croissant

Sketch 4

Two months: Rabbit

Sketch 4

Two months: Kiwi Fruit

Manga Sketch

Besides sketching, I also kept drawing a manga illustration every day.

Sketch 1


Sketch 2


Sketch 3


Sketch 4

No Game No Life

Filmmaker Mixer

We host a Shenzhen Filmmaker Mixer second time!

Film 1


Film 1

In the event

Film 2

In the event

Film 3

Group photo

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