Image Manipulation: Trump’s ‘Attack’ on climate

February 11, 2018

Trump’s ‘Attack’ on climate

Trump’s ‘Attack’ on climate

The meaning of an image can be easily altered by common image processing software such as Photoshop. I took a seminar class last semester to explore the history and status quo of climate change. Keeping track of climate news recently, I am always annoyed by Trump’s attitude towards the global issue of climate change. Therefore, I added a few more elements on a commonly seen image of angry Trump to show his revolting belief and action on climate change.

The original image was to present President Trump as a “vocal, extremely stubborn, unmanageable and arrogant” (‘Problematic’ President Trump becomes Fake News, J Snaith person.

Here, I’ve added ice cream cone in his right hand with the melted Earth on top of it. I want to show his ridiculous belief of climate denial while he is always attacked by the solid scientific facts and unanimous agreement on global warming. Also, I put fire on his head on two factory chimneys, emitting tons of greenhouse gases, behind him. He is not subsiding the rate of global warming but indeed accelerating it. “Since taking office last year, President Trump has … often targeted environmental rules it sees as overly burdensome to the fossil fuel industry “(67 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump; interestingly, the number has increased from 52 since last December). Finally, I changed the background to a city smothered by smog to show the serious problem every big city is facing—air pollution.

Trump is ignoring the possible consequences of global warming and is evening trying to remove the term climate change on his schedule. I wish the image I “reconstructed” convey my worries about the absurd policy of climate mitigation enforced by Trump.

original image

Original Image

How’s Made

How’s Made

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